Interested in joining a shooting club?

We are always delighted to welcome new members, please get in touch as described below.

You can contact the club on Tel: - 01698 881346 between 19:00 - 22:00 Tuesday to Friday.

Or you can E-Mail the Club Secretary at:- CVPC Club Secretary

N.B. In the Subject Heading Please put CVPC Query?

Please contact the Club Secretary (via e-mail) 48 hours before you wish to attend to ensure availability.

What happens next?

First visits are held normally on the 1st Thursday and 3rd Friday of each month at 19:00.

On your first visit, you will be introduced to the members present.

Then you will be shown round the premises, and given a short safety talk by a Designated RCO.

You will then be free to stay and chat with the members and spectate in the range.

From your second visit onwards, you will be able to shoot Club Guns under supervision..

After your first visit you will only be allowed four more visits before you have to join the club.

On joining the club, you will serve a minimum six month period as a Probationary member, before being considered for Associate Membership.

During the probationary period, you must attend and pass the Probationary Course before being considered for Associate Membership.

During the probationary period, you have full access to the club on club nights.

Associate and full members of the club are entitled to use the Clyde Valley Pistol Club to support their application for grant or renewal of a Firearm Certificate (FAC).

Annual fees are presently:

156 for Full and Associate members;

180 for Family membership

50 for Student membership.

50 for Overseas membership.

50 for Junior membership.

Period is 1st June to the 31st May.

Payable in full at the start of the year in June, monthly by Standing Order or by two split payments the first half by 31st July and the remainder by the 30th November.

Probationers fees are paid as follows:

50 with membership application. This applies to all NEW Membership Applications. For Probationers this pays for the Probationers Course and safety glasses that must be worn when on the range. This couse is mandatory if a member wishes to apply for a FAC through the club.

45 for Full Bore Course (This is to familiarise you with larger calibre rifles. This course is mandatory to be able to obtain a NRA Competency Card from the CVPC Club Coach. This card is valid for NRA and MOD Approved Ranges.)

When you have been a member for 6 months the club will support your application for a Firearms Certificate, provided you have taken and passed the Probationers course and have shown satisfactory attendance and your behaviour has not shown any cause for concern.