Membership - Join Our Club

Interested in joining our shooting club?

We are always delighted to welcome new members. To start the process, please get in touch with the Club Secretary so you can organise a date for you to attend a safety brief. This can be done by e-mailing the Club Secretary at: CVPC Club Secretary

What happens next?

Please note that safety briefs must be arranged in advance with the Secretary via email address shown above.

During the safety brief, you will complete some paperwork, be informed of the process of becoming a member and given a short safety talk by a designated Committee Member. You will then be free to stay and chat with the members and spectate in the range. You will then be free to stay and chat with the members and spectate in the range.

After your initial visit and safety briefing you will only be allowed four more visits to the club before you have to join the club. During these visits you will be able to shoot club guns under supervision.

On joining the club, you will serve a minimum six month period as a Probationary member, before being considered for Associate membership.

During the probationary period, you have full access to the club on club nights.  To be considered for Associate membership you must have been a member for a minimum of six months, have attended and passed the Probationary Course, attended the club on a regular basis, and shown no cause for concern.

Associate and full members of the club are entitled to use Clyde Valley Pistol Club to support their application for grant or renewal of a Firearm Certificate (FAC).

Annual fees (1st June to the 31st May) are presently:

  • £156 for Full and Associate members
  • £180 for Family membership
  • £50 for Student membership
  • £50 for Overseas membership
  • £50 for Junior membership

Fees are payable in full at the start of the year in June, monthly by Standing Order or by two split payments the first half by 31st July and the remainder by the 30th November.

Joining fee: £50 to be paid when submitting a membership application.  This pays for the Probationers Course and an entry fob. This course is mandatory if a member wishes to apply for a FAC through the club.

Full Bore Course: £45  This is to familiarise you with larger calibre rifles. This course is mandatory if you wish to shoot unsupervised at any full bore shoots organised by the club, unless otherwise informed. It is also obligatory if you wish to obtain a NRA Competency Card allowing you to shoot at MOD ranges.