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Clyde Valley Pistol Club is a private members club. It was formed at Campbell Street, Hamilton in 1963 and we have been at our current location since 1980. Located only 30 minutes South East of Glasgow, we enjoy a healthy roster of members from all over Lanarkshire and beyond .

At the heart of the club we have have the best indoor range facility in West Central Scotland, with 6 firing points within a fully ventilated  25 metre range.  All 6 lanes are equipped with automatic pneumatic turning targets, allowing rifle versions of the classic pistol competitions to be shot.

The Club has Home Office approval for small-bore rifle, centre fire gallery rifle and muzzle loading pistol target shooting in the indoor range. Members can also use air rifles, air pistols,  and CO2 pistols. We regularly shoot full-bore rifle at 100-500 yards on an outdoor range in Scotland.

A full safety briefing must be completed before joining (by Appointment Only Click Here) and friendly tuition and advice is always available thereafter.

Members can take a break from shooting in our heated club room with tuck shop, kitchen and toilet facilities.

COVID 19 - Coronavirus Update 13th September 2021

Important Information

Dear Members

The Clyde Valley Pistol Club Committee are pleased to announce that in our second stage that will be re-opening for on our normal 4 nights per week beginning 14th September 2021. To facilitate this reopening and to comply with current Covid measures the following procedures will operate:

Travelling to the Club premises 

  • Before setting off to the club premises, be confident that you are in good health and are not displaying and symptoms of the COVID-19 virus
  • If you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or it is within 10 days of the day when the first member of your household showed symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19), or notified of close contact, you should not come to the club. (Exception – you have had 2 vaccinations with the last being at least 14 days before being in close contact of a positive case and you have had a negative PCR test result)
  • Adhere to Scottish Government’s current advice about travelling and use of public transport
  • It is advised that members take a lateral flow test before attending

Who can shoot? 

  • Full Members
  • Associate Members
  • Junior members (if they have completed the probationer course)

 When Can I Shoot? 

Slots will be booked via the club online booking system through the internet or manual booking on the night.

  • All 6 lanes will be available for use unless pre-booked for competition.
  • The details will run similar to pre-Covid through the system. (Timings to be confirmed)

Shooting will not be permitted before 19.00hrs and after 21.45hrs to allow for cleaning. No entry to the clubhouse will be permitted after 21.00hrs unless a slot has been pre-booked.

How do I book? 

Slots can be booked using a self-service approach via Ezfacility our new club management tool. Members should have already received an invitation to their registered email address so that they can set up their own passwords. Guidance on how to do this is attached to this email and will be available on the CVPC Members Facebook Group. A link will be added to the CVPC website to take you to the booking portal.

To book a slot please use the self-service approach via Ezfacility our new club management tool using your username and password. The URL is below:


By placing a booking, members will be agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined. Please ensure you read these thoroughly.

Within the clubhouse the Duty Officer will take bookings/members will book slots using the available PC or via their own phones.

Entry to the Clubhouse 

  • Use the sanitiser station before opening the inner door.
  • Make sure that the hand sanitiser has dried (approximately 20 seconds) before switching lights on.
  • Key fobs must be used on entry and exit. (NO FOB, NO ENTRY)

Masks & PPE 

  • Face Masks to be worn in all areas of the club (unless in possession of an NHS exemption or shooting on the firing point). No masks will be provided therefore any members that attend without a mask will not be granted access.
  • Members are to provide their own PPE (gloves masks, hand sanitiser)

 Club Guns/Spotting Scopes 

Club guns will be available for members. The following procedures must be followed:

  • Members will wear gloves if using club rifles / magazines and will wipe both down immediately after use on the rack and handing magazines back to the Duty Officer.
  • If spotting scopes are used, they must also be wiped down after use.


Ammunition will be available to purchase on the night. Unfortunately, we are still working on introducing a contactless purchase system; however, we will implement this system as soon as possible.

Storage of ammunition will be available for anyone not in possession of an FAC. You must ensure that you sanitise your hands prior to retrieving any ammunition you have in storage. At the end of your shoot, you must wipe down any cases you have left before placing them back in the ammunition box.

Attendance records 

The attendance books will not be available for the time being. Instead, attendance at the club will be monitored through the booking system.

Can I buy refreshments? 

There will be no refreshments available at this time.

Will toilets be available? 

Yes, we have made provision for the toilets to be available as normal. These will be sanitised in line with the new cleaning regime.

Is your personal Information Up to Date? 

In line with Scottish Governments guidance, it is essential that your personal information is up to date. To help with this you will be able to update contact details on the self-service portal once you have registered. If you think your registered email address is wrong please contact cvpc_membership@hotmail.co.uk to update your email address in the first instance.

What about my membership fees? 

Throughout lockdown and the restricted opening Clyde Valley Pistol Club gave members the option to pause their membership fees. Once the club reopens under these new conditions all full and associate members will be expected to commence payments in the usual manner except for those members that are shielding or wish to seek a 4-month exemption due to experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic.

Those that wish to seek the continued fee holiday must email the Club Secretary at cvpc_secretary@hotmail.com

Range detail 

  • A member of the previous detail will act as Range Officer (RO) for the next detail (similar to pre-covid)
  • Firearms on entry to the club can be placed into the rack at the rear of the range as previous
  • Range brief can be given as normal. (Note Face coverings can be removed only during firing on the point but must be replaced before leaving the point)
  • Members using club guns must wear gloves
  • When all members have completed firing, clear the weapons, and remove along with the ammunition from the point (and brass) as directly by the RO
  • Once the range has been cleared the RO will spray each used firing point and the member will use blue cloth to wipe the surface and dispose of it in the pedal bin before inspecting targets or going back into the common room
  • If club guns are used, spray is to be placed on the blue roll and the rifles and magazines wiped. The SCOPE or SPOTTING SCOPE LENSES MUST NOT BE WIPED
  • If the club stapler is used, this must be wiped down after use

General Guidance: 

  • No entry to individuals displaying sign of infection
  • Key fobs must be used on entry and exit. (NO FOB, NO ENTRY)
  • Members are to provide their own PPE (gloves masks, hand sanitiser)
  • Face Masks to be worn in all areas of the club (unless in possession of an NHS exemption or shooting on the firing point)
  • Report to the Duty Officer on entering the club premises
  • Familiarise yourself with procedures before commencing any shooting activities. (Briefing document - members)
  • Regularly wash hands and sanitise
  • Members will wear gloves if using club rifles / magazines and will wipe both down immediately after use on the rack and handing magazines back to the Duty Officer.
  • Sanitise common facilities such as spotting scopes, firing points, staplers, and any other apparatus after each use.
  • Keep desks and other surfaces clear where possible to assist with cleaning
  • Advise the Duty Officer if sanitization stations need attention
  • Advise the Duty Officer if you have any concerns
  • Adhere to Government requirements and recommendations whilst attending the club and undertaking any shooting activities.
  • If you feel ill, inform the Duty Officer immediately
  • If you have any questions – ASK!

 Review and Monitoring 

The Committee has appointed a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. The nominated individual has received advice and training to understand procedures including monitoring and reporting to ensure compliance with the document.

The above ‘COVID-19’ protocols would be implemented for as long as is necessary in compliance with Government requirements as they develop.

All temporary and legislative procedures adopted as noted above will be subject to an ongoing review to ensure that current Government Guidelines, recommendations, and Legislation are adhered to.

Next Phase 

Reopening the club to all members will hopefully happen soon; however, for the time being we will continue to proceed with caution.


Government Guidance 

COVID 19 -information for individuals and businesses in Scotland

The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regs 2020 


Kind regards,,


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